Our profile

We are an independent asset advisor and investment partner to our clients. We identify attractive direct real estate and private equity investment opportunities and connect them with a selective group of entrepreneurs and investment partners. We like to partner and co-invest with thought industry leader who have the best knowledge in its field and connect them with the network of our investors. Often this leads to very fruitful joint ventures and value creation opportunities. Depending on a sector and risk/return characteristics of an investment opportunity we can structure investments to serve the respective needs of our investors.



Our Mission​


  • To generate an excess equity return
  • Strong cash flow characteristics
  • Self-funding business models and good visibility of investment needs
  • A favourable market environment
  • Have a clear path to exit


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Dufourstrasse 47 | 8008 Zürich
+41 41 792 00 00 | info@lakeward.ch
Dufourstrasse 47 |
+41 41 792 00 00 | info@lakeward.ch